Ready to work – Go!

Ready to work – Go!
Individual and complex professional activation of young people up to 24 years of age (NEET)
Project number: WND-POWR.01.02.02-18-0177/15
Implementation period: 01/01/2016 – 31/05/2017

Project description

This project was aimed at young unemployed, aged 15 – 24, living in Podkarpackie Province (known as NEET), including the disabled. The main objective of the project was professional activation of young people, aged 15-24, in particular not in employment, education, or training (known as NEETs), economically inactive and not registered in a labour office.

The project assumed participation of 90 persons, including 54 women and 36 men.

Within the project there was various forms of support available: individual career counselling, group career counselling, individual psychological consultation, placement services, comprehensive vocational training in line with Individual Action Plan (IPD) for all the participants and paid internships.

To the participants of the project we also offered: travel costs refund, training materials, catering, an internship and training grant.

Project website:

Documents for download

Application form
Statement of project beneficiary
Statement of project beneficiary on data processing
Common statement
Regulations of recruitment


Danmar Computers (Applicant)
Viva Femina Foundation

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