E-Learning is a part and parcel of our lives, as from an early age we participate in the broadly understood education process. The teaching process, like many other areas, has become an important part of the IT revolution. The use of IT tools supporting the acquisition of necessary skills and knowledge is becoming more and more visible not only at renowned universities, but also in companies.

E-learning as a modern teaching method is not just a figment of marketers. This is an excellent, attractive and, what is essential, relatively cheap way to improve the qualifications and knowledge of a wider group of people. Regardless of whether the training concerns single persons or several groups, the use of e-learning will certainly facilitate this task.

The growing popularity and availability of e-learning platforms allows basically everyone to create an online course. However, this is not a trivial task of copying materials from a document to a platform. Danmar Computers has over 10 years of experience in creating e-learning platforms. So far, we have created many platforms, OER portals and other educational tools for business clients, the education sector and for European projects. Our team consists of experienced methodologists and educators who in close cooperation with the technical team are able to develop an e-learning platform, whose substantive and technological aspects are at the highest level.

The typical process of creating an e-learning platform can be presented as follows:

  • Analysis of needs and source materials,
  • Identification of the specificity of the group of recipients,
  • Proposal and selection of required interactions,
  • Planning content conversion paths,
  • Choosing the optimal technical solution,
  • Implementation of the sample course module,
  • Presentation of the module and determination of necessary changes,
  • Making changes and implementing the remaining content,
  • Internal methodological and technical verification,
  • Final acceptance of the e-learning platform.

Because each e-learning platform should be tailored to the group of recipients, we will be happy to discuss your idea in detail. Feel free to contact us! We are also able to provide the necessary hosting facilities, so you do not have to worry about anything.

Below we present a few selected projects.


Medilingua – a platform aiming at raising the qualifications of medical English for paramedics. It contains text-based and multimedia resources.

GreenSkills – a content-rich website with content that concerns the issues related to the sector of green construction.

PECOS – a customised version of the e-learning platform that allows to automatically recognize the user’s skills and propose the optimal and customised learning path.

RAMP – a collection of courses on broadly understood aviation. Completing the training and passing the exam is confirmed by a certificate.

RSAGE – a collection of multilingual recordings allowing for a better knowledge of a foreign language. The materials are divided into categories, which makes navigation much easier.

e-CAL – an e-learning platform for adults who want to learn a foreign language. The contents have been divided into two parts – for people who are willing to learn alone, and for educators working with adults.

GOLIC – an interactive set of exercises and audio recordings directed to tourist guides. The main goal is to improve language skills (English / Spanish) of people working in this profession.