About us

Danmar Computers Company was established on 1 May 2000 as an IT company. The main objectives of our activities were and still are trainings and IT system implementations. However, over the years, the scope of services provided by Danmar Computers has been regularly extending.

In 2001, we started cooperation with PTEA Wszechnica in the city of Krosno, on the implementation of ministerial projects, within which we trained teachers in primary, middle and secondary schools. Since then, Danmar Computers delivers various types of training for teachers.

From 2003, we are an authorized Pearson VUE testing centre and can conduct trainings and exams of leading international software vendors. The most popular are CISCO exams.

In 2004, we started participating in European educational projects, implementing and testing innovative ideas aimed at improving education, but also conducting work on improving access to the education system for disadvantaged groups. The activities include: research services on the training market; study on the situation of target groups (the disabled, immigrants, unemployed); design and development of project products; information dissemination through extensive advertising campaigns. We participated in many projects as partners, and in 2006 we started to coordinate the Innovation Transfer Project, leading a group of 8 partners from different countries.

Since 2005 we participate in structural programs, within which we offer IT training for broad groups of participants, both individual and institutional customers. All projects included analysis of participants’ needs, in order to adjust the scope of training material to their level of knowledge.

In 2007, Danmar Computers joined an international consortium, Concorde, with headquarters in Brussels. The consortium’s goal is working for the European society, towards a knowledge-based society.

In 2008, we began participating in the Human Capital Programme. We started with two projects, in one as a partner, in another as a leader. Both projects are aimed at helping the unemployed on the regional labour market.

In 2009, we entered the market with several new projects, therefore expanding the scope of support not only for the unemployed, but for the employed and learners. These projects were aimed at: professional and social activation of people on the verge of social exclusion, support in the development of vocational skills, counselling for entrepreneurs, but also provision of equal chances in education for students with limited access to educational services and reducing the differences in quality between educational services.

Year 2010 was very fruitful in terms of Human Capital projects implemented by Danmar Computers. That year we started the implementation of five new projects and continued two from the previous year.

In 2011, we took part in a project which resulted in the development of European project management software, AdminProject. Since then, it has become our flag product, which is used by strategic partnerships in the whole of Europe. In the meantime we have implemented an export project for the British market, introducing Solutio Digital, a PLM system. We have increased our focus on research and development activities, which led to the implementation of a project for the development of distance learning technologies based on the Collaborative Learning method in training services and the implementation of a number of experimental and development works in the field of computer science.

In 2012, we launched a project on developing a web application for project management, by adding mobile device support. At the same time we carried out more training projects, including those dedicated to companies implementing adaptation and modernization processes in their structures.

At the beginning of 2013 we carried out a research and development project dealing with performance analysis and distributed system architecture of data storage in an isolated environment (Private Storage Clouds). The result was the creation of a high performance and redundant prototype of a data storage system distributed in such an environment. We also continued to provide training to both the employed and the unemployed. Additionally, our export activities rapidly developed. We introduced another product to the British market –
e-learning technologies for mobile devices.

In 2014, we started our 13th project in the Human Capital Programme, this time dealing with work-life balance issues in companies. Until now, we have trained over 2100 people within the implemented by Danmar Computers projects in the Human Capital Programme. Contemporary management challenges have been addressed by us in other projects dealing with issues, like entrepreneurship of double disadvantaged women, audit of language communication competences of employees, cross-cultural management and health and safety at work. Apart from that, we have also undertaken a number of initiatives on increasing IT skills among different social groups. Our activities in the ICT sector resulted in joining the largest Polish IT enterprise cluster “KlasterIT.” At the same time, we have introduced our products to new markets.

Year 2014 opened the possibility of implementing new projects under the Erasmus + Program. We then started the implementation of 8 international projects, one as a coordinator. In addition, we continued international expansion of our products, especially the AdminProject system, which we adjusted for managing international EU projects.

In 2015, we focused primarily on the implementation of projects under the strategic partnerships of the Erasmus+ Program. Our cooperation with leading universities, companies and associations from Europe has become the basis for the development of many interesting solutions dedicated to adult education and vocational education in such topics as: increasing entrepreneurial skills, both through traditional training, as well as the use of ICT and gamification approach, improving the employability ratio of university graduates, increasing the incubation of social initiatives or supporting new ways of teaching foreign languages.

Year 2016 was important for Danmar Computers, since it resulted in a significant increase in the number of implemented projects. We started the implementation of 18 projects, including 3 national projects. Along with the increase in the number of projects, we also expanded their topics. Although our role is to offer IT solutions, thanks to the implementation of those projects we have gained experience in such areas as: balancing work and family life, interculturality and diversity management in various fields of human activity, including education, strengthening key competences and raising the level of basic skills among disadvantaged groups, health protection, operations of the food and printing sector, as well as support of the maritime sector. Thanks to effective cooperation in partnerships, we could not only improve our IT skills, but also acquire specific expertise in such a wide range.

In 2017, we started the implementation of 17 projects and continued work on the ongoing ones. Since we had worked on many topics before, it was easier for us to understand the idea behind new projects and to suggest interesting solutions. Among new topics that appeared, extremely important issues included: functioning of start-ups and support for social entrepreneurship, education in the field of science or the development of the drone industry. Yet, we remain to address social issues and implement projects among disadvantaged groups. We hope that each of our projects will contribute to building a better tomorrow that begins today.