WOMEN GET READY: Danmar Computers joined the online Kick-Off Meeting of a new Erasmus+ project

On February 9th 2022, Danmar Computers joined the online Kick-Off Meeting of WOMEN GET READY, a Project co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Commission, which brings together 8 Partners from 8 different countries (BE, PT, IT, IR, CY, GR, PL, ES).

WOMEN GET READY aims at leveraging women’s digital readiness and participation in the digital economy, taking advantage of the ongoing digital transformation. The project is designed to empower women with tailored digital resources to increase their job opportunities and gain self-confidence through digital technologies.

During the meeting, the consortium discussed about the overall project implementation schedule, defining timelines and respective duties. At first, partners will develop a competences dictionary on digital readiness and two Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) enabling self-passed learning. Potential users will be also provided with an assessment tool and 8 female personas avatars for interactive exercises. Partners will upload all the project results on a digital hub enabling every woman access to an innovative and inclusive upskilling pathway.

Danmar Computers is the technical Partner in the WOMEN GET READY project. We are responsible for the digitalization of project results, including the development of an online learning platform and preparation of an online tool to assess skills needed on the labour market, including digital skills. All materials developed in the project will be translated into Polish.

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