M&M third partnership meeting

Math & Motivation Partners travelled to Portugal for the third meeting, which was hosted by EPRALIMA School. The meeting exactly took place in Arcos de Valdevez dated 4th – 5th March 2019.

After a kind welcome from the hosts, discussion started on the results from the interim report, followed by an overview of the work done so far in the project. Next came reporting the national cascade trainings, organized in each partners’ countries. An important part of the meeting was the collaborative e-learning platform: presentation of the current state of art and key functionalities, which led to discussions and the collection of feedback from all participants to plan the implementation of remaining e-platform implementation activities. Then came the presentation of objectives for the piloting of the e-platform, to be held still in this school year. Final parts of the meeting concerned financial issues, upcoming reporting tasks, the Q&A session, quality assurance, review of set deadlines and planning further dissemination of project results.

The M&M partnership will next meet in Valencia 04.07.2019 for the final conference.

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