Training within the SPREAD project

In Plymouth (UK) the second training in the project “SPREAD – Sharing good practices for European mobility activities development” was held on 1st – 5th May 2017.

The training was organized by Europa Training from Plymouth and involved intercultural issues in transnational projects. Partners from each organization attended the meeting.

The attention was paid to cultural differences and the exchange of good practices in dealing with culture shock. Each participants presented their experiences in this field and shared their insights. The whole group tried to find solutions for their problems. Participants who are involved in educational mobility have a lot of experiences in working with young people who have been affected by cultural shock.
More attention has also been paid to intercultural communication, which in spite of appearances has caused a lot of trouble for mobility program coordinators. Issues related to conflict resolution were also discussed during the training. Each participant presented examples of good practice and the way how to deal with difficult situations.

The training was very effective especially in terms of transnational mobility. Exchange of good practices is the best way to learn and develop patterns of behavior in a variety of situations.

Another training will take place in July 2017 in Vienna.

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