The Sustain E+ successfully finished after two years of active operation!

This article is devoted to the Sustain E+ project, implemented from February 28th, 2022, to February 27th, 2024. The target of the Sustain E+ project was group specialists involved in developing and implementing the Erasmus+ project.

The main objective of the Sustain E+ project was to assist participants in crafting eco-friendly project proposals. These proposals consider the carbon footprint and aim to minimize it. Working with partners, specialists, and experts, we have developed and achieved project outcomes that include:

  1. The Erasmus + projects and their impact on the environment – involving data collection and analysis of sources of losses in Erasmus + projects, as well as the development of a self-evaluation questionnaire and a green certificate.
  2. Development of education for Erasmus+ projects involves the creation of training courses aimed at enhancing skills in the field of sustainable environmental projects implemented under Erasmus+ programs.
  3. Development of social training tools – its mission was to create a new online training platform – not only for sustainable management of the Erasmus+ project – but also to explore and propose digital solutions to support the project objectives.

If you are interested in exploring the tools developed by the Sustain E+ project partners, you can follow the links below:

Auto-evaluation tool – Auto-evaluation tool – Sustaine E+ (

Learning Platform – SustainE+ (

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