Launching Shaping Digital Classes Project

The Shaping Digital Classes project was launched in Berlin, Germany, 28‐29.11.2019. During these two days there was time to go through all the planned activities, discuss them and assign tasks per Partner. Key parts of the meeting included the DigComEdu Framework – Assessing Educators Professional Digital Competences, so we could leave the meeting with a common understanding on what we should deliver to the target group. The main project target group includes trainers, especially with low level of digital skills, teaching languages, especially to migrants. Our project, however, also targets teaching and training institutions.

We managed to define the steps for the production of the online learning platform, but also how we want to make tutorials – digital representation of module contents. We will be preparing courses in the form of video tutorials, and alternative to traditional text-only contents.

Next time the Partnership will meet in Athens 30-31.03.2020.

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