Meeting in Rzeszow – BADGE

DSC 5080On 10th and 11th of July, 2014, Danmar Computers hosted the first interim meeting of partners in BADGE project. Almost every partner had sent their representatives, so people from Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Lithuania, Romania and UK could talk about the project’s proceedings.

The first day started with the presentation of the main conclusions and recommendations of the Assessment of Needs. It was followed by a discussion based on a presentation of good practices in business start-ups of disadvantaged women. The discussion focused on the way of using known best practices from business and similar projects to support and inspire women involved in BADGE.

The meeting continued with the presentation of “Business Advisors’ Kit”, discussion on the piloting programme of Diversity in Business workshops and the availability of “Adapted Learners’ Kit”. The next point on the agenda dealt with the development of an e-learning platform and an on-line community that would support the delivery of the project to the target groups.

The second day of the meeting kicked off with the discussion on project’s administration and management issues and was followed with a short training on AdminProject, the tool used for managing BADGE. Then partners talked about the dissemination materials and strategy. The external evaluator presented a plan for evaluation and partners agreed on internal evaluation procedures. The last points taken care of considered early exploitation strategies and plans for next meetings.

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