FEMENIN project meeting in London

The project coordinator ASPIRE was the host of the second transnational partnership meeting in the FEMENIN project. The two-day meeting was held in London on the 1st and 2nd of April, 2019.

Monday, the first day, brought with it a lot of conclusions from partners’ work on the first project result, i.e. training curriculum. Many interesting topics to develop were proposed, out of which the output leader (LBP) structured a document. The first day also included agreements on project budget, interim reports and setting dates for meetings & trainings.

On Tuesday, partners started discussing the second project output (training course) and the forth output (e-learning platform). These were followed by the report on project evaluation & quality, then dissemination overview, closing the day with reviewing all deadlines.

The FEMENIN partnership plans to next meet in Rzeszow in September 2019, where DANMAR will present its workplan for the third project result, i.e. mobile app.

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