Project final meeting and the conference

On October 12th, the EntrInnO final conference took place at the University of Nicosia, with great success. All partners travelled to Cyprus for the event and for the project’s final meeting.

During the conference, the project and its Intellectual Outputs were presented. Certainly, the highlight of the sessions was the presentation of the EntrInnO game. During the sessions, it was discussed that such games facilitate the gamification of learning and developing skills like the ones highlighted through the EntrInnO game. One other important aspect was the fact that the validation of such games in the learning process is becoming so powerful that nowadays it is an imperative need to incorporate innovative ways of learning with technology in the university courses.

Partners also shared their experiences from the implementations at their countries, sharing data and quotes from participants. The stories shared by partners were quite powerful and promoted further discussion about how EntrInnO can be incorporated in the curriculum of universities in more countries around Europe.

During the workshops participants downloading the EntrInnO application and experimenting with its features. The consortium is very pleased to have successfully completed the EntrInnO project and all partners are proud of the outcome, as well as its potential of being incorporated in formal education.

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This publication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.