Another result of the GOLIC project was prepared

Dear All,

We are pleased to inform you that within the GOLIC project another result was prepared. GOLIC logo

10 modules of language courses profiled in terms of content accurately for tourist guides were finally completed within the project. It is a qualitative and essential core of the main result, m-learning content delivery space for the tourist guides. Modules were prepared on templates produced by Iberika. Each of them specified the range of vocabulary, basic grammar and exercises. Partner’s role was to develop the content of these modules, but the final shape of the exercises was developed by Iberika.

Internal evaluation (partnership) and external (the evaluator) took place at an angle the scale of utility for the target group, usefulness for achieving the project objectives; the degree of understanding.

10 modules of language courses for tourist guides accurately profiled in terms of content based on the results of research, 10 thematic areas related to the tourist guides’ work was identified. It is the subject area in which the target group have the possibility to learn foreign languages chosen in the project. This makes sure that the memorization of individual words and the sequence will be easier and more efficient for the target group. Five partners shared these subjects (2 per partner) and dealt with creating content for them. Iberika as the language school managed the entire process.

Each module was created based on the unified schema construction. Text format was determined, extensiveness of texts and tables used to enter individual words and sentences. Iberika prepared a preliminary version and presented it to the whole partnership for discussion. The role of partner organizations was to support Iberika and optionally comment on prepared scheme.

This division of work allowed for the involvement of the target group and relevant stakeholders. Iberika didn’t form a committee –  took an advisory role in the whole process. Partners to create such a program committee (involving the target group) benefit from a previously prepared contact database.

Corrections and evaluating the course by a language school was necessary. Iberika played the main role in this task. Gathered all the modules, made the necessary amendments and gave final shape and structure texts of exercises. Other partners helped Iberika in this process.

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