The first partnership meeting in the SOFIA project

On 14th – 15th December 2017, took place the the first partnership meeting of SOFIA project – Strategies to strenghten executive functions in adults. The partners met in Rzeszow (Poland) at the headquarters of Danmar Computers. The meeting focused on the choice of a cooperation platform and project management. The partners chose the Admin Project system. The most important intellectual results of the project were also discussed. The first result will be the Handbook on the characteristics and the needs of the adults with EFD (executive function disorders) certified and/or not certified. The second result of the project will be the Toolkit of Methods for developing/ enhancing/improving executive functions in adult population. The third result of the project will be a Program with specific techniques based on mindfulness and meditation. The last fourth result has ben described as the Virtual resource centre and toolkit for adults. Final parts of the meeting included discussions on the strategy of dissemination and use of project results, also both the evaluation and project monitoring plan.

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