BOOST4Shoes Final Meeting

The final meeting in the BOOST4Shoes project tool place on 25.06.2019 in Nicosia (Cyprus). It was attended by representatives from all partnering in the project organisations. The meeting was a chance to summarise works that have been done and plan remaining tasks. Partners are dedicated to developing the best quality of results for the benefit of the target group.

The meeting started with a brief update on financial and administrative tasks. Afterwards the e-platform was presented, with partners commenting on some improvements that should be done. The overall assessment of the e-platform was positive, resulting not only from the partners’ opinions, but all the participants of their multiplier events (most partners have completed them). Next, the Skills Retention Service (SRS) was presented, and similarly as with the platform, partners discussed spots for improvements. The SRS is a new tool, but very attractive and can be motivating to some users to stay engaged in completing the e-course. Final parts of the meeting included instructions on reporting multiplier events, organizing the piloting phase and other dissemination activities. Partners will now continue works to finalize all the project results and close any pending tasks.

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