INTERNATIONAL DEBATE within the framework of the project Units „Cross-sectoral cooperation for reconciling work and family life based on UK cooperation models and tools.”

On the first days of the golden autumn, 25th and 26th September 2017 in Rzeszow (Poland) there was an international debate devoted entirely to the issue of inter-sectoral cooperation for reconciling professional and family life based on models of cooperation and tools from Great Britain.

Representatives of BD Center, Danmar Computers and Torridge Training Consultants met with participants to discuss the problem of Work Life Balance.

The first day of the meeting was devoted to challenges and expectations concerning inter-sectoral cooperation for the reconciliation of professional and family life. Guests from Great Britain presented the use of Work Life Balance in the public sector (Alma Belles) and in the private sector (Kenneth Payne). Afterwards the results from testing the WLB platform were presented. At the very end of the meeting on the first day, participants had time for discussing the covered topics.

The second day of the debate was divided into two parts. The first panel was devoted to the theoretical aspects of Work Life Balance, during which topics related to the mentioned issue were discussed, including: assumptions, forms of organization of working time in terms of WLB, social responsibility in business and reconciliation of work and family life in organizations. The second panel discussion focused on practical aspects of Work Life Balance. Participants also discussed how WLB looks like in the work of entrepreneurs and how it is seen through the eyes of the employer and employee. Another topic raised during the discussion concerned the consequences of inconsistency in the self-assessment of evident and hidden self-assessment by managers. One of the last topics discussed during the second day of the debate was Work Life Balance in start-up companies. The final part of the debate was a group workshop devoted to working out recommendations for better practical implementation of WLB.