VOICES is a European (Erasmus+) project that aims to help bridging the gender divide and foster women’s participation in society, by providing women and professionals working with them with a set of gender-responsive educational resources, specifically designed to promote gender equality and equal participation in society.


  • to raise awareness on gender roles and inequalities, as a means to identify and implement strategies that encourage equal participation and bridge the gender divide
  • to improve professionals’ competences in promoting gender equality and women’s empowerment
  • to challenge gender-based stereotypes related to women’s participation in the public and private spheres of their lives
  • to boost women’s willingness and capacity to boost women’s willingness, capacity and sense of agency within their diverse living contexts
  • to promote effective lifelong learning and continuing professional development opportunities for women and the professionals who work with them (in adult education, public services, or civil society organizations) targeting gender equality and women’s empowerment
  • to create networking opportunities for professionals that enable continuous knowledge exchange within a community of practice focused on fostering women’s participation and empowerment


A strategic partnership involving 8 organizations from Spain (SOLIDARIDAD SIN FRONTERAS), Austria (BEST INSTITUT FUR BERUFSBEZOGE NE WEITERBILDUNG UND PERSONAL TRAINING GMBH), Greece (IEKEP), Ireland (Spectrum Research Centre CLG), Netherlands (Storybag), Poland (DANMAR COMPUTERS SP ZOO), Portugal (Mindshift Talent Advisory lda), and Turkey (Governorship of Istanbul), will exchange their know-how, consider the different local contexts involved and work together to define the common and relevant background and solutions to boost women’s empowerment and participation in society, through innovative and meaningful education.

Partner’s organisations in the VOICES’ project, believe that post- pandemic recovery needs women at the centre, participating in public and private spheres and driving changes that serve both society and the planet.

*The kick-off meeting of the project was held virtually on January 25, 2022

Building a gender-equal world, where everyone can raise their voices for the common good is possible and undeniably desirable!

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