FFS – The third partner meeting in the Floury Food Safety project

The third meeting in the FFS project was held in Maribor (Slovenia) on 18-19 October 2017. It concerned food production issues, including in particular flour products. The meeting was organized at the Faculty of Art of the University of Maribor at the “Eco-Remedial Center”, which deals with the improvement of agricultural production.

On the first day, Partners discussed issues related to the ongoing implementation of the project, including the development of courses dedicated to the target group (20-29 year olds who are working or interested in working in the sector of flour processing). On the second day, Partners took part in a study visit to an educational experimental training center, where research is conducted on self-sufficiency in plant cultivation. Research is conducted by prof. Anna Vovk Korže, a researcher from the University of Maribor and the head of the “Eco-Remediation Center”. That that partners also visited the Center for Biotechnology and Tourism in Novo Mesto, where a secondary school is located, which has been running for more than 130 years, educating future food industry workers. The last point of the day was the visit to a mill, owned by the Košak family and operating for 250 years, where flour is produced through traditional methods.

Apart from the very interesting agenda, Partners also had the opportunity to admire the beautiful landscapes of Slovenia and taste local dishes.

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