EPIC – meeting in Bath, UK

WP 20140312 010According to the results of the ELAN report, there is a link between linguistic and cultural adaptation and increase of turnover. Although it is not a “cause and effect” relationship, it is worth to pay attention to that. It has become a leitmotif of the project “Enhancing and Promoting International Business Communication – EPIC “.

On 11th-13th March in Bath (United Kingdom) held a second meeting of partners in framework of the project. Its main subject was the discussion on the state of the economy of countries participating in the project, the diagnosis of language needs and the importance of this issue in trade. Partners presented situation in this issue and outlined a plan for further activities in the project, which will include primarily workshops for certified language auditors. The auditors will be responsible for the implementation of the audit and develop policies to support the ability of language and communication in selected enterprises (SMEs). EPIC-Logo-vector

The project is implemented within the framework of the Leonardo da Vinci – Transfer of Innovation. More about the project at: epicforyou.eu.

Below you can find some photos from meeting in Bath:


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