The second press release of the CivicGreen project

The CivicGreen project’s objective is to encourage the involvement of European citizens in environmental issues by promoting active citizenship and increasing public awareness of environmental problems. The project aims to improve the conditions for civic and democratic participation and active monitoring of environmental policies and projects.

Partners of the project include eight organizations from Belgium (B.A.O.-Jeunesse, Forum Citoyens – Burgers asbl), Portugal (Mindshift Talent Advisory Lda), Spain (SOLIDARITY WITHOUT BORDERS), Greece (INNOPOLIS Innovation and Cultural Center), Poland (Danmar Computers) and Austria (Meta4 Innovations eU).

The press release, which you can download below, includes information about the next partner meeting in Austria. In addition, you will find information about the implementation of the project and our reflections and plans for further development of the CivicGreen project.