Danmar Computers member of SME Academy

SME Academy – Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Academy – is an international network devoted to knowledge essential for the SME sector. The network was established in 2005 in Sweden. Since then it is continuously developing and acquiring new members – not only from the EU, but worldwide.

The SME Academy network offers many benefits to its members, regardless the enterprises’ status, being a training institution or supporting SMEs in activities and projects. Members of SMS Academy are advised to contact entrepreneurs from the SME sectors and offer innovative technological solutions, products or services. These contacts may take the form of traditional F2F approaches during seminars, workshops, conferences or online. Members of SME Academy regularly engage in international projects, participate in international partnerships and expand their knowledge based on intellectual results developed in other projects. As a part of a global network, partners can exchange experience, ideas and accumulate knowledge from different companies or organisations from various countries and regions. SME Academy contributes to dialogue on how to create an environment for the development of SMEs in order to maximize the probability of success, contributing to sustainable growth of this sector.

Feel invited to visit SME Academy’s website: https://www.smeacademy.eu/ and our channel on YouTube: https://youtu.be/_vNsf5tZu8o

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