4th VALE workshop – Las Palmas

On the last weekend of April 2015, on 24th and 25th, the partners in the VALE project met to participate in the fourth workshop. Representatives of all partners arrived in Las Palmas on Gran Canaria, Spain and joined the meeting hosted by the resident partner Consulta Europa.

The workshop was to address the issue of involving institutions, that send interns to companies (“sending bodies”), in development and use of the Leadership Portfolio. Furthermore, Consulta Europa has organized a focus group with local sending bodies. They offered valuable feedback to the shape and operation of the portfolio, and many of them declared the willingness to use it when released.

During the partner meeting partners also discussed the changes and modifications to the online portfolio to match ECVET requirements, plans for the next two months, case studies and further gathering of feedback on the application in use.

The final project meeting will take place in July, in Bordeaux.