PERFORM – Development and Retention for Autistic Staff in Hospitality

PERFORM – Development and Retention for Autistic Staff in Hospitality
Project number: 2023-1-IT01-KA220-VET-000152721
Implementation period: 01.09.2023 – 31.08.2025
Field: Cooperation partnerships in vocational education and training

Project description

The COVID 19 pandemic has severely affected the staffing of the European Hospitality Industry. Many people have abandoned their careers in Hospitality amid the COVID crisis, in order to pursue other job opportunities. Now, as travel restrictions are lifted and tourists regain the confidence to travel abroad there is still a severe under-staffing issue which European Hospitality organisations are trying to tackle.

The PERFORM Project will capitalise on the fact that the Hospitality sector is evidently an inclusive one, where many people with autism may find full-time job opportunities. Furthermore, the project will utilise resources developed from other relevant projects and European initiatives, build on them and create a new digital HR Tool, aimed at supporting the inclusive, long-term employment of people with autism in the European Hospitality industry.


  • To equip hospitality managers & HR experts with education and tools that will enhance the inclusion, development and retention of autistic staff by increasing their competitiveness, value, efficiency and general well-being in and out of the workspace
  • To increase the productivity of autistic hospitality employees and encourage them to take an active role in their career path
  • To reduce the employment gap between staff with disabilities and staff without disabilities

PERFORM target groups:

  • Hospitality human resources experts and managers
  • European VET educators
  • Autistic people who work/plan to work in hospitality

PERFORM project results

  • R1: A digital HR Platform that will enable hospitality managers/HR experts to monitor and appraise the performance and job satisfaction of autistic staff
  • R2: A set of innovative tools, tailored to the nature of the work in the hospitality sector that will be digitalised and integrated into the HR platform
  • R3: A VET course and training material for hospitality human resources experts and managers program pilot

PERFORM partners

Universita Degli Studi Roma Tre– Italy (Project coordinator)

Dekaplus Business Services LTD – Cyprus

Specialisterne ApS – Denmark

Kallis Filoxeniaki Ltd -Cyprus

Kentro Epagelmatikis Katartisis Diasepe – Greece

Danmar Computers – Poland (it is us)