Bon na innowacje 2011

Bon na innowacje 2011
Development of remote learning technology with Collaborative Learning method in training provided by Danmar Computers
Project number: BNI/18/0380/11
Implementation period: 06.2011 – 09.2011

Project description

The aim of the project was the purchase of consultancy services for the development of distance education technology with use of Collaborative Learning (CL) method. The result of collaboration with the institution of higher education, who have provided advice in this area was development of a factual report describing the principles of remote training in the CL method using online platforms and social networking to achieve exchange rate issues.
In the course of the project there has been analyzed the method of CL training and the possibility of incorporating new information technologies (including social networking sites and remote platforms) in the education process with use of this method. It was recommended ways to implement the above mentioned technologies in the educational process by the method of CL. The project contributed to offering a new method of remote training with use of the CL method by Danmar Computers.

The project was implemented without partners.