Return – PO KL 7.2.1

RETURN – PO KL 7.2.1
RETURN – Return on labour market
Project number: WND-POKL.07.02.01-18-214/09-00
Implementation period: 04.2010 – 06.2011

Project description

The aim of the project was to improve access to employment for people at risk of social exclusion in selected districts of Subcarpathian province: Rzeszow (city and surroundings), Łańcut, Ropczyce-Sędziszów, Strzyżów, Kolbuszowa and Jasło. The target group of the project were unemployed and disabled residents of these districts.
The project involved 96 people (27 men and 69 women), including 31 people with disabilities who have completed mandatory and comprehensive professional activation path. It included: Individual Action Plans and counseling, training and the acquisition of professional activation, key social competence, support counseling – individual and group, English language training, training in ICT, training as needed. In addition, 55 people took advantage of 2 month paid work placements.

Website of the project:

The project was implemented without partners.