Azoty – SPO RZL – 2.3



Complex IT training – path for increase of competitiveness of Nitrogen Plant in Tarnow – AZOTY

Project number: SPORZL-2.3a-2-18-007/0007

Timeframe: 10.2005 – 03.2007


Project Description

The main objective of the project was to increase the skills and knowledge of employees through participation in computer training. These courses were aimed at both employees who want to improve their skills and complete knowledge of computer science, as well as for those who plan to acquire new skills related to the change in his position and reclassification to other often more beneficial from many points. The target group of the project were employees of the Nitrogen Plant in Tarnów, a total of 608 people. At the beginning of the project there were conducted survey testing the level of knowledge of participants targeted individual courses. Based on the results of these studies, groups of participants with a similar level of knowledge were created. For each level there were developed customized training programs and materials. The project was carried out training for staff of different departments (MS Word, MS Excel, MS Access, Web pages, Corel) and for IT staff (LINUX, ORACLE, security systems). The project was very successful, both in terms of content and administration. Mielec Regional Development Agency, acting as the Regional Financing Institution sent a letter of praise for perfectly executed project.

The project was implemented without partners.