EPIC – Leonardo da Vinci

EPIC – Leonardo da Vinci Transfer of Innovation
Enhancing and Promoting International business Communication – EPIC
Project number: 2013-1-PL1-LEO05-37888
Implementation period: 10.2013-09.2015

Project description

The basis of every success is hard work and good communication between the colleagues. EPIC project was developed to introduce new, good solutions aimed at improving communication between enterprises.

The aim of the project was to implement language skills audit programme and communication in SMEs in 4 countries (Poland, Lithuania, Spain: Basque region, Italy: Sicily). It allowed to identify and remove language and cultural barriers that originated from cross-border exchange, thus increasing competitiveness of SMEs. The project involved comprehensive support of the target group, in addition to the strategies and programmes, each country had developed training for auditors and managers. Additionaly, a web-based tool to support the auditors was developed. It included all relevant materials. Within the framework of the EPIC project 80 (20 per country) language and communication skills audits at SMEs were carried out. Reports presenting conclusions and recommendations were created.

Project website: arch.danmar-computers.com.pl/epicforyou/


Danmar Computers – Rzeszow, Poland (project contractor)
Semantica Ltd – Bath, UK (project coordinator)
Euro-Friend Change Management Consultancy Ltd. – Szeged, Hungary
Kauno Prekybos, Pramonės Ir Amatų Rūmai – Kaunas, Lithuania
Elhuyar Zubize – Usurbil, Spain
Centro Per Lo Sviluppo Creativo “Danilo Dolci” – Palermo, Italy

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