BADGE – Leonardo da Vinci

BADGE – Leonardo da Vinci Transfer Innowacji
Business Advice and Guidance training for women Entrepreneurs – BADGE
Project number: 2013-1-PL1-LEO05-37593
Implementation period: 11.2013 – 10.2015

Project description

The aim of the BADGE project was to transfer and adapt an innovative support program „Diversity in Business Workshops.” Developed in the UK it was transferred to seven new countries (BG, CY, EL, HR, PL, LT, RO).

The purpose of the transfer was to strengthen the position of women entrepreneurs in the face of a difficult economic situation, so they start their own business and improve their language and communication skills. The purpose of the detailed study of the target group conducted within the project’s framework was to prepare all tools responding to diverse needs of women in each of the partner countries. The next step was to adapt “Diversity in Business Workshops” into business tools and a training program for business advisors in partner countries. The developed tool was tested by 160 women across the whole partnership. Furthermore, the target group received access to an e-learning platform and all supporting materials in their native language. The project was realized within two years and Danmar Computers was the leader of the Dissemination work package.

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Danmar Computers – Rzeszow, Poland
Family and Childcare Centre – Athens, Greece
Inova Consultancy Ltd – Sheffield, United Kingdom
EXODUS – Athens, Greece
Centre for the Advancement of Research and Development in Educational Technology – Nicosia, Cyprus
Association Business Information and Consulting Centre-Sandaski – Sandanski, Bulgaria
Center for Education, Counselling and Research – Zagreb, Croatia
Social Innovation Fund – Kaunas, Lithuania

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