LOGIC – Leonardo da Vinci Partnerships

Project number: 2011-1-FR1-LEO04-24203 5
Implementation period: 08.2011 – 07.2013

Project description

The aim of the project was to exchange about the use of logic in adult education. The reflexion was based on the ‘Theory of Learning’ of Jean Piaget. The project brought together educative practices linked to the 8 key competences of the EU. The aim was to use them in the context of everyday life enhancing the professional skills of teachers for adults. The aim was to analyse and adjust each individual practice in the guise of ‘specialists in integration’ (trainers, counsellors, social workers, etc.) taking into account environmental demands as well as the national and European contexts.
The result of the project was the development of innovative practices in vocational education and on recognition of qualifications and competences. More information can be found at the website: arch.danmar-computers.com.pl/logic/.


Radar-B – Lorient, France (coordinator)
Danmar Computers – Rzeszów, Poland
Educational Center RUNI – Sofia, Bulgaria
Folk High School and Liberal Adult Education Association of Bihar County – Berettyoujfalu, Hungary
Instituto de Ensenanza Secundaria Vicente Espinel – Malaga, Spain
Instituto Piaget – Cooperativa para o Desenvolvimento Humano Integral e Ecologico – Porto, Portugal
Middle Black Sea Development Agency (OKA) – Samsun, Turkey