EuroBalance – Leonardo da Vinci – Transfer of Innovation

EuroBalance – Leonardo da Vinci – Transfer of Innovation
Championing Work Life Balance Across Europe – EuroBalance
Project number: 2009-1-GB2-LEO05-01365
Implementation period: 10.2009 – 09.2011

Project description

The aim of the project was to promote a balance between work life and personal life. EuroBalance project based on the innovative work undertaken by Wrexham Family Information Service in the framework of the EQUAL project entitled Asaph conducted in 2005-2007. The result of this work was to develop a guide that was to help companies and their employees opportunities to develop work-life balance (WLB) for the benefit of both parties.
EuroBalance used to guide the development of WLB guides tailored to the needs, ambitions, laws, customs and practices in each of the partner countries. Developed guides were used to create courses for 40 so-called “Champions” who in turn cascade their knowledge passed on WLB to 200 organizations and at least 1,000 people in partner countries. More information can be found on the project website:


OAKE Europe – Manchester, United Kingdom (coordinator)
Danmar Computers – Rzeszów, Poland
Diciannove – Italy
Polydynamo – Syros, Greece
VFIN – Vejle, Denmark
WFIS – Wrexham, United Kingdom