LearnIT – Leonardo da Vinci – Transfer of Innovation

LearnIT – Leonardo da Vinci Transfer of Innovation
M-learning solutions supported by e-learning for IT Professionals in SME – LearnIT
Project number: PL/08/LLP-LdV/TOI/140001
Implementation period: 11.2008 – 10.2010

Project description

The main objective of the LearnIT project was to increase skills and knowledge in the field of IT and strengthen the efficiency of the European SME sector, through the creation of innovative methodology in the m-learning supported by e-learning. A feature of this system is that it is available in every place and time, providing access to training material, even when an Internet connection is not available.
The second objective of the project referred to the flexible system of vocational training in the framework of the SME sector in order to improve the skills and competences in the field of computer networking and technical English. This objective has enabled IT staff access to a flexible and innovative approach to learning through the adaptation and use of ICT-based techniques tailored to the SME sector. Cooperation between the authors of training, the SME sector and at the transnational level has enabled the transfer of good strategy of training, expertise and knowledge, which strengthened the practice of the European system of vocational training and encouraged to be more active in field of inclusion of women in the area. More information can be found on the project website: arch.danmar-computers.com.pl/learnit.


Danmar Computers – Rzeszow, Poland (coordinator)
Acsymiry Soft – Gabrovo, Bulgaria
DC Center – Rzeszow, Poland
Femxa Formacion – Vigo, Spain
For.Com – Rzym, Italy
Oake Europe – Manchester, UK