ELE55+ – Leonardo da Vinci – Development of Innovation

ELE55+ – Leonardo da Vinci – Development of Innovation
55+ Employability Learning Environment – ELE55+
Project number: 142721-LLP-1-2008-1-BG-LEONARDO-LMP
Implementation period: 11.2008 – 10.2010

Project description

The aim of the project was to improve the skills of workers over 55 years of age. Under the project, two types of educational materials – one in the form of a manual, and the other in the form of e-learning courses. Developed guide focuses on the topic of social competence, such as body language, non-verbal communication, time management and healthy eating.
However, e-learning course involves supporting the business basics of computers and the English language. The project helped to reduce the gap of knowledge in relation to younger employees on the master business English and ICT-related skills and to change the attitudes of employers and employees in relation to the image of 55 + employees. More information can be found on the project website: www.ele-55plus.eu.


Uniwersytet Techniczny w Gabrowie – Bulgaria
Danmar Computers – Poland
Grupa Femxa – Spain
Izba Przemysłowo Handlowa w Gabrowie – Bulgaria
Stowarzyszenie Pixel – Italy
WBS Training – Germany