Master – Socrates Grundtvig 1

Master – Socrates Grundtvig 1
Mastering Statistics and Empirical Results – MASTER
Project number: 230076-CP-1-2006-1-DE-GRUNDTVIG-G1
Implementation period: 10.2006 – 09.2008

Project description

The main objective of the project was to create a training course to enable members of modern society (especially as health systems patients and consumers) correct and critical understanding of statistical information, and on the other hand, allow journalists to present such information in an appropriate manner. The course was offered as both a version of blended learning as well as e-learning.


Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg – Erlangen, Germany (coordinator)
Asociación de la Prensa de Granada – Granada, Spain
Bildungszentrum Nürnberg – Norymberga, Germany
Danmar Computers – Rzeszów, Poland
PTEA Wszechnica – Krosno, Poland
SCIENTER ESPAÑA – Granada, Spain
Swedish TelePedagogic Knowledge Centre AB – Nykoping, Sweden
University of Wales – Newport, UK