e-Ability – eLearning

e-Ability – eLearning
eLearning and Social Inclusion for People with Disability – e-Ability
Project number:
Implementation period: 01.2005 – 12.2005

Project description

The aim of the project was to identify and disseminate good practices to promote digital skills among people with disabilities, with particular emphasis on people with mental disabilities. Project activities were primarily focused on the indication of the ways and means of conduct that people who struggle with the so-called digital division. One of the results of the project is a manual showing examples of good practice were collected in different European countries.
These practices in turn processes the information society of people at risk of social exclusion. Some good practices are divided into thematic groups focusing on a specific aspect related to the inclusion in the digital society. They took subjects of not tailored IT training for people with disabilities, moved the issue of discrimination based on disability, and presented examples share awareness of the information society for people with disabilities. Another important result of the project was Virtual Office to serve as a point of information by collecting in one place information on any initiatives taken for people with disabilities. Office sent out automatically via messages notifying of different operations.


Fundación INTRAS – Valladolid, Spain (coordinator)
Bath Mind – Somerset, UK
Cesie Onlus – Palermo, Italy
Danmar Computers – Rzeszów, Poland
Manchester Community Information Network MCIN – Manchester, UK
OAKE Europe – Swansea, UK
The Estonian Chamber of Disabled People EPIK – Tallin, Estonia
The Latvian Umbrella Body for Disability Organisations SUSTENTO – Ryga, Latvia
Toucan Europe – Manchester, UK