TALAS – Leonardo da Vinci

TALAS – Leonardo da Vinci – Pilot Project
Tourism mAnagement e-LeArning Solution – TALAS
Project number: I-04-B-F-PP-154022
Implementation period: 10.2004 – 09.2006

Project description

The project TALAS promoted innovative e-learning and m-learning by testing new methodologies and new approaches of teaching in vocational training in the field of tourism. The pilot course “Tourism Management” was tested in a new and dynamic learning environment. The course created in framework of the project was a response to the lack of specific training in tourism and hospitality, lack of flexible learning opportunities for people working in this branch – both young and beginners as well as professionals in the field of tourism.
E-learning platform was integrated and flexible educational scenario containing various educational facilities such as video lessons, animated and interactive animations, text and audio files. With the multimedia and interactive materials, e-learning platform supported flexible design and dynamic learning with online mode. Through the use of wireless technologies, participants were able to test the m-learning solutions, the training with the use of mobile phones. M-learning portal allowed to transfer media files efficiently combine mobile and Internet technologies. Thank to TALAS project, training could take place “anytime, anywhere, anyhow.”


For.Com. Consorzio Interuniversitario – Rome, Italy (coordinator)
Danmar Computers – Rzeszow, Poland
Fundación Universidad Empresa Región de Murcia – Murcia, Spain
Hafelekar Unternehmen Beraten – Innsbruck, Austria
HRDC – Patras, Greece
Instituto Europeo de Lenguas Modernas – Granada, Spain
Soluzioni Informatiche – Rome, Italy
Universitatea Tehnica ”Gg. Asach” – Iasi, Romania