JANUS – Leonardo da Vinci

JANUS – Leonardo da Vinci – Pilot Project
Intercultural dimension for the benefit of vocational training in enterprises – JANUS
Project number: FR/04/B/P/PP-151151
Implementation period: 10.2004 – 09.2007

Project description

The project focused on the aspects of multiculturalism in educational environments. The main objective was to create an online system that allows the teacher to determine the expectations of a group of participants in the training and thus make the necessary modifications in the methods and procedures for its implementation. The system based on the cultural dimensions defined by G. Hofstede by tests carried out.
When creating the system it was taken into account so the power distance, individualism and collectivism, masculinity and femininity, uncertainty avoidance and long-and short-term orientation. With this classification, the system has been programmed, which was useful in determining behavior, preferences and desired ways to communicate with representatives of the culture and thus help in the planning of training for groups which are a mixture of different cultures. The system has been tested in the partner countries, and widely disseminated. It met with high praise of coaches, especially those who had experience in working with people from different cultures. The system created in framework of the project can be easily expanded to include other cultural aspects identified by researchers such as Inglehart, Schein or Cameroon.


Recif – Paris, France (coordinator)
Air France – Paris, France
BD Center – Rzeszow, Poland
Bridgebuilding – Tervuren, Belgium
Cescot Veneto – Padova, Italy
Cimic – Mechelen, Belgium
Conferescenti – Padova, Italy
Danmar Computers – Rzeszow, Poland
Federation Des Industries du Peloponese – Patras, Greece
HRDC – Patras, Greece
IML – Marseille, France
Instituto Maschile San Giuseppe – Canosa di Puglia Bari, Italy
Triveneto Network – Padova, Italy
ZEUS – Patras, Greece