Immigrants – Socrates Grundtvig 2

Immigrants – Socrates Grundtvig 2
Integration of Immigrants – Towards Better Understanding and Top Quality Education in European Cooperation
Project number:
Implementation period: 08.2004 – 07.2007

Project description

The activities of the project were aimed at supporting the integration of immigrants in the partner countries. In the first year of the project partners have developed a questionnaire and conducted a survey among immigrants on their social and economic situation. The aim of the research was also to gain knowledge about the educational needs of immigrants.
The research report served as the basis for the development of language training programs. Designed training were different in different countries. For example, in Poland the most useful was the Polish language course, while in other countries, immigrants chose other than language training. Designed courses have been tested among immigrant groups and its evaluation by the participants was very positive. In addition to the creation of dedicated training for immigrants, the project was also aimed at promoting the idea of organizing Intercultural Days with focus on cultures of the countries of origin of immigrants. These days were held several times in each country, and were an opportunity to have fun but also to learn. In the third year of the project has managed to organize the International Days at the same time and allow participants from different countries for contact us via the Internet. This element was a good idea and an interesting attraction. Partners also gathered important information on the legal aspects of living and working conditions of immigrants in each country.


Greta des Pays Champenois – Sezanne, France (coordinator)
Centro Gamma – Neapol, Italy
Danmar Computers – Rzeszów, Poland
Hiiden Opisto – Lohja, Finlandia
Iniciativas Para La Formación – Malaga, Spain
Territorial Permanent Centres – Rovigo, Utaly
UniCom Education Center – Rejkjawik, Iceland